Sponsors of the CPOF

We proudly present our lifetime sponsors that have demonstrated their unflagging support of the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation and their belief in its mission and goals. We sincerely thank our Lifetime Sponsors for their commitment to Correctional Officers and Families nationwide

Lifetime Corporate/Organization Sponsors

AFGE – Council of Prison Locals 33

AFGE – Local 171, FTC Oklahoma City/FCI El Reno, OK

AFGE – Local 506, FCC Coleman, FL

AFGE  – Local 720, FCC Terre Haute, IN

AFGE –  Local 817, FMC Lexington, KY

AFGE – Local 1007 & 3957, FCC Oakdale, LA

AFGE – Local 1405, UPS Lee, VA

AFGE – Local 3969. FCC Victorville, CA

AFGE – Local 3979, FCI Sheridan, OR

AFGE – Local 1007, FCC Oakdale, LA

AFGE – Local 148, USP Lewisburg, PA

American Correctional Association


Arizona Corrections Association

Association of Oregon Corrections Employees


Dome Building, Regional Office, Oregon Department of Corrections

Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency


Fraternal Order of Police Labor Committee, Department of Correction, Washington, D.C.

Global Tel*Link

HKS, Inc.

Johnson Controls

The Nakamoto Group, Inc

National Major Group Task Force

Nevada Corrections Association

New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association (NYSCOPBA)

Norix Group, Inc

Norment Security Group

PBA Local 105, Trenton, NJ

Retired Chapter of CCPOA

Rhode Island Brotherhood of Correctional Officers

Sierra Steel Company

Southern Folger Dentention Equipment Company

Suffolk County Correction Officers Association, NY

Trussbilt, Inc.

Union Supply Company and Food Express USA

U.S. Deputy Wardens Association

Zoom-A-Lube of Chester, VA

Wyoming Correctional Facility Honor Guard, NY

Lifetime Sponsors from Correctional Facilities


Benton Unit

Grimes Unit

Cummins Unit

Tucker Unit


Mule Creek State Prison

Wasco State Prison

Heman G. Stark School (YTS) *

Central California Womens’ Facility

California Medical Facility

California Rehabilitation Center

Calipatria State Prison

High Desert State Prison

Valley State Prison for Women

California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

and State Prison

California State Prison

San Quentin State Prison

*Now closed.


Denver Complex (Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center, Denver Women’s Correctional Facility, Colorado Correctional Center)


Connecticut Department of Correction – Honor Guard Unit


Sumter Correctional Institution

Central Florida Reception Center

Baker Correctional Institution

Hamilton Correctional Institution

Columbia Correctional Institution


Northpoint Training Center


Massachusetts Correctional Officers Federated Union


Mississippi State Penitentiary

South Mississippi Correctional Institution


Attica Correctional Facility

Livingston Correctional Facility

Gowanda Correctional Facility – NYSCOPBA

Wyoming Correctional Facility Honor Guard


NCDPS DAC – Community Corrections

NCDPS – Honor Guard


Chillicothe Correctional Institution


Snake River Correctional Institution

Coffee Creek Correctional Facility

Oregon State Correctional Institution

Oregon State Penitentiary

Two Rivers Correctional Institution

Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution

Powder River Correctional Institution

Warner Creek Correctional Facility


Detention Center – Philadelphia

Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center

Philadelphia Prison System

Philadelphia Prison System – House of Correction

Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility


Allred Unit

Beto Unit

Boyd Unit

Briscoe Unit

Byrd Unit

Choice Moore Transfer Facility

Clemens Unit

Clements Unit

Coffield Unit

Cole State Jail

Connally Unit

Crain Unit

Dalhart Unit

Daniel Unit

Darrington Unit

Dominguez State Jail

Duncan Unit

TEXAS continued

Eastham Unit

Ellis I Unit

Estelle Unit

Ferguson Unit

Formby State Jail

Garza East Transfer Facility

Garza West Transfer Facility

Gist State Jail

Glossbrenner SAFPF

Goodman Transfer Facility

Goree Unit

Gurney Transfer Facility

Halbert Unit

Havins Unit

Hightower Unit

Hilltop Unit

Hobby Unit

Holliday Transfer Facility

Hughes Unit

Huntsville IPO

Huntsville Pardon & Parole Office

Huntsville Unit

Hutchins State Jail

Jester I SAFPF

Jester III Unit

Johnston SAFPF

Laundry & Food Service Division

Lewis Unit

Lopez State Jail

Luther Unit

Lychner State Jail

McConnell Unit

Michael Unit

Middleton Transfer Facility

Montford Psychiatric Unit

Mountain View Unit

Murray Unit

Neal Unit

Pack Unit

Plane State Jail

Polunsky Unit

Powledge Unit

Ramsey Unit

Region I Director’s Office

Region II Director’s Office

Region VI Honor Guard

Roach Unit

Robertson Unit

Rudd Transfer Facility

Sanchez State Jail


Segovia Unit

Smith Unit

Stevenson Unit

Stiles Unit

Stringfellow Unit

TDCJ Correctional Training Staff Development

Telford Unit

Terrell Unit

Torres Unit

Travis County State Jail

Vance Unit

Wallace Unit

Ware Unit

Western Region Transportation

Wheeler SAFPF

Woodman State Jail

Wynne Unit

Lifetime Individual Sponsors

Donna Davis ~ In Memory of Correctional Officer Christopher Davis

The Garcia Family ~ In Memory of Correctional Officer Eligio Garcia, Jr.

Mrs. Lucile G. Plane

The Autobee Family and Ms. Yolanda Floyd

David & Ruthie Reeves ~ In honor of SSG Jason A. Reeves

Mr. Eric Spierer

Mr. Dan M. Reynolds and Family

John and Carey Mendiboure

Pamela Omelson