Scholarship Program

The Correctional Peace Officers Foundation statement of policy to govern the awarding of Academic Scholarships as authorized by its Board of Directors.

Applications must be postmarked by Friday April 20, 2018.

Scholarships have been awarded for the 2017-2018 year

pdf_iconScholarship recipients 2017-2018

This scholarship is merit and eligibility based. Applying does not guarantee an award.


The Correctional Peace Officers Foundation offers a scholarship to a “Qualifying Person”, and/or person(s) related (parent, step-parent, grandparent, spouse or legal guardian) to a “Qualifying Person.”
A “Qualifying Person” is someone who is an active member of the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation for a minimum of 12 consecutive months before applying for a scholarship and is actively working in (or retired from) the Corrections  profession.
Based upon available funds, the scholarship, number of awards and amounts are awarded and approved by the CPOF Board of Directors
In order to comply with the requirements, the following guidelines are established for scholarships awarded by the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation:

Eligibility Requirements

  • be a U.S Citizen or Legal Non-Citizen
  • be a full-time student
  • be making satisfactory academic progress i.e., a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • have financial need
Scholarship(s) may be awarded for students enrolled in, or planning to enroll in an accredited institution, career training college and/or certification program.

Student Scholarships

The following are required before eligibility for financial assistance is considered. The applicant must:
  1. be accepted for admission or previously enrolled.
  2. CPOF must receive CPOF Scholarship Application, including complete essay (autobiographical sketch) which provides general information about the applicant.
  3. CPOF must receive supporting documentation as follows: a copy of Transcripts AND acceptance of admissions letter.
Please mail completed applications to:
Correctional Peace Officers Foundation
Attn: Office Administrator
P.O. Box 348390
Sacramento, CA 95834