Membership Benefits

The Correctional Peace Officers Foundation, Inc. was created in 1984 to fill the long-outstanding need for a charitable support organization of, by and for the professional Correctional Officer.

Primary Goals: The first and foremost goal of the CPO Foundation is to protect and assist the survivors (spouses and children) of on-duty Correctional Peace Officers murdered at the hands of incarcerated felons. Despite extensive training and great care in the performance of duties, acts of violence against Officers can and do occur. The CPO Foundation believes that the bereaved family of a slain Officer should not have the added burden of obtaining funds for their immediate needs.

The second goal of the CPO Foundation is the promotion of the professional image of the modern Correctional Officer in the perception of the general public, nationally, globally and in the minds of Correctional Officers themselves.

The Benefit: The CPO Foundation Death Benefit Program provides a total of $75,000.00, paid in installments over a 24-month period of time, to the family of the Correctional Peace Officers (as defined in the Bylaws of the CPO Foundation) murdered in the line of duty. The payment schedule is as follows: (1) An initial payment in an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors,  paid to the recognized family of the slain Correctional Officer upon certification of an on-duty murder by an incarcerated felon or supervised parolee, either juvenile or adult. (2) Remaining balance to be paid over a 24 month time period that will begin after the Officer is recognized at Project 2000.

Growth: Since the inception of the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation, its supporting membership has continued to increase. That growth has enabled the Foundation to broaden its scope to now include assistance in the areas of hospice need, bereavement and catastrophic situations or illness.

Community Involvement: The CPO Foundation is also involved in local community affairs. In each area that a fundraiser is held, the CPO Foundation donates back into the community a portion of all monies received. These funds are donated to a variety of programs within the community, most as a rule going to youth oriented activities such as drug diversion programs and/or youth self-help groups; and always in the name of the Correctional Peace Officer.

Membership: For a minimum donation of $5.00 per month, a Correctional Officer can join the CPO Foundation as a Supporting Member. The contribution is TAX DEDUCTIBLE to the extent allowable by law. Supporting membership is open to all who are Correctional Officers working within the Correctional Series supervising in-custody felons anywhere in the United States. Eligible are the men and women who work within the prisons, institutions or jails supervising either adults or juveniles, or in theparole/probation systems. This includes city, county, state or federal systems. Collectively, this group of professional Peace Officers is called “Correctional Peace Officers.” All supporting members receive: (1) full coverage under the CPO Foundation’sDeath Benefit Program; (2) a membership card; (3) a membership decal; and (4) an automatic subscription to the CPO Foundation’s publication, the CPO Family.*

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