While the great majority of the CPO Foundation’s Supporting Membership is comprised of Correctional Peace Officers themselves, Supporting Membership is open to all who want to support the Correctional Series. The Death Benefit applies to those Peace Officers working within the Correctional Series supervising in-custody adult or youth felons anywhere in the world. This includes the men and women who work within prisons, institutions and jails, or in the parole/probation systems. Collectively, this group of professional Peace Officers are called “Correctional Peace Officers.”

In addition to full coverage under the CPO Foundation’s Death Benefit Program, payable to the recognized surviving family of a qualified Peace or Parole Officer murdered while on duty at the hands of an incarcerated felon or supervised parolee, Supporting Members receive:

  • A membership card
  • A membership decal
  • An automatic subscription to the CPO Foundation’s publication, the CPO Family
  • Informational mailings and other periodic mailings of various items and materials designed exclusively for Supporting Members
  • Consideration on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Directors for assistance in a time of crisis, bereavement, personal catastrophe or other urgent need.

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