Project 2000 XXIV

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Dear Charleene,
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for inviting me to
Project 2000 XXIV. It was truly a moving experience. All these years being a member of CPOF I have read about the Projects in the magazine, but that does not compare to experiencing it in person. The Honor Guards were the sharpest I’ve seen. The seminars were enlightening. The ceremonies and activities went off without a hitch. That takes a lot of work. You, your staff and your volunteers did a wonderful job. I look forward to attending many more Project events. Thanks again.
– – Eric Spierer

Mr. Spierer is employed at the Juvenile Medium Security Facility in New Jersey. He has been a Supporting Member for 16 years and is also a Lifetime Individual Sponsor of the CPO Foundation.


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Thanks to Skip Conley for these photos.