Project 2000 XXV

WA Project

We’re pleased to present our first group of photos from Project 2000 XXV, the first of several such sets from different photographers to be posted here in the days to come.  

This first group of photos is from longtime Supporting Member Skip Conley who has photographed the CPO Foundation’s Project 2000 events from the very beginning.  These photos present an “overall” view of Project 2000 XXV.  

Thanks, Skip, as always, for your excellent work!

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This second group of photos from Project 2000 XXV consists of pictures taken by Ms. Ronnie Hendry, Mr. Michael Seefeldt and Mrs. Denise Miller.  

We thank all three very much for sharing their points of view!

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This next group of photos from Project 2000 XXV features the special guests of the CPO Foundation at the event, our Honored Families; and Honor Guards from across the nation who participated in the Annual National Memorial Ceremony.

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and to view the Honor Guard photos