The History of CPOF

Did you grow up wanting to become a Correctional Officer? Or work at a prison? Not many of you did, but so many of you are…learn why and how the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation began.

In this book, we look back over the past 30 years of CPO Foundation history and remember those in the Corrections Profession who made the ultimate sacrifice. The CPO Foundation also celebrated 25 years of the Project 2000 series. Project 2000 I was held in June 1990. Now in 2014, CPOF is as dedicated as ever to honoring and remembering our own.

If you work in Corrections or are a Supporting Member of CPOF, this is a MUST have Book to learn about the struggles and challenges in starting a National Charity for Corrections. We look back at the early years and the volunteers and representatives who dedicated so much of their own time to help promote CPOF. Learn how Taking Care of Our Own began…



CPOF 30 Anniversary Book

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