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“Fallen But Not Forgotten”


Walter Isaac Vandorn

Rank: Sergeant
Department: Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Institution: Clemens State Farm , TX
EOW: 08/12/1916

Sergeant Walter Vandorn was counting out convicts and the Clemens State Farm in Brazoria County preparatory to going to work after the noon hour. While Sergeant Vandorn still had his face toward the last man in the forward squad he was counting, a convict rushed forward and plunged an improvised dirk from a case knife into the sergeant's breast. Sergeant Vandorn was able to take a few steps backward, drew his pistol and inflicted a death wound upon his assailant. Sergeant Vandorn fell to the floor dying almost instantly. The convict survived him but a few moments. Very little is know about Vandorn. He was born February 18, 1887 in Matagorda County, Texas. The 1910 US census for Colorado County reported that he was a convict camp guard. He was single. His father was Isaac Vandorn, and his mother was Rosa Torristies.

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