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“Fallen But Not Forgotten”


Tronoski Jones

Rank: Detention Officer
Department: Harris County Sheriff's Office
Institution: Harris County Sheriff's Office , TX
EOW: 08/20/2015

Detention Officer Tronoski Jones was escorting an inmate back to his cell when the inmate became combative and refused to reenter his cell. A call for assistance was made. Once the on duty Sergeant arrived he ordered the inmate to lie down. The inmate refused the order and continued his aggressive posture. The Sergeant gave the order, "Let's go and take control of him." The team advanced up the stairwell as the inmate became more aggressive. Detention Officer Jones was first to reach the top stair at which time the inmate lunged at Officer Jones. Officer Jones and other Officer took the inmate to the floor. The inmate continued to struggle and pepper spray was dispersed. The inmate was unfazed so a second round of pepper spray was dispersed. The team was able to gain control of the inmate. Once under control, the inmate was taken to medical. While in medical, Officer Jones suddenly collapsed to the floor. Medical staff administered first aid and called for outside medical assistance. Officer Jones was transported to the hospital where he passed away. Detention Officer Jones had served with the Harris County Sheriff's Office for four years. He is survived by his wife, Amillia; two sons, five-year-old Ivan and three-year-old Khadyn.

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