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“Fallen But Not Forgotten”


John Hinson

Rank: Corrections Officer
Department: Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Institution: Eastham State Prison Farm , TX
EOW: 11/03/1932

Correction Officer John Hinson was struck in the head with a pitchfork and knocked from his horse by three convicts. He was then beaten to death with the pitchfork handle. The convicts took Officer Hinson's shotgun and pistol and made an escape attempt. The remainder of the work detail carried Officer Hinson to the hospital. A posse with bloodhounds cornered one of the convicts about 8:00 pm. When he refused to surrender, he was shot to death by the posse, who thought he was still armed with Officer Hinson's gun. The posse caught the other two convicts after an all-night hunt. Officer Hinson's pistol and shotgun were recovered from the convicts. Officer Hinson died in the hospital while being treated for his injuries.

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