By State

“Fallen But Not Forgotten”


Howard Murphy

Rank: Correctional Officer
Department: Massachusetts Department of Corretion
Institution: Massachusetts State Farm , MA
EOW: 01/01/1942

Correctional Officer Howard Murphy, Correctional Officer George Landry and Correctional Officer Franklin Weston were stabbed to death in the carpentry and shoe shop. The three Officers were working in the Department of Defective Delinquents section of the farm at the time. Officer Weston had gone with two inmates to the carpentry and shoe shop to fix a light. He turned his back to the inmates to screw the light bulb in and was attacked by one of the men and knocked unconscious. Inmates then grabbed several tools and chisels. Before fleeing they stabbed Officer Weston ten times with a chisel. As they attempted to make their escape they were confronted by Officer Murphy and Officer Landry. Officer Murphy caught them as they headed towards the third floor of the building. The men suddenly turned around and stabbed Officer Murphy with the chisels as well. They also stabbed Officer Landry when he came to the aid of Officer Murphy. The suspects were eventually apprehended after a standoff with the state police.

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