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“Fallen But Not Forgotten”


Carol Moore

Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Connecticut Department of Corrections
Institution: New Haven Correctional Center , CT
EOW: 08/19/1996

On August 19, 1996 Major and Chief of Security James Dzurenda received information from Institution Intelligence Staff that a significant amount of illegal drugs had been smuggled into the institution by a local gang called "The Elm City Boys." At the beginning of the second shift, Major Dzurenda briefed the Shift Commander, Captain Diane Sienkiewicz, of the information received. Captain Sienkiewica organized a plan to be led by the Shift Supervisor, Lieutenant Carol Moore, to conduct a shakedown of B-right Corridor which housed the majority of the "Elm City Boys" gang members. At 10:40 p.m. Lieutenant Moore entered B-right Corridor with a group of Correctional Officer to strip search and escort all the gang members into a common recreation area in order to conduct a thorough Unit shakedown in search of narcotics. While supervising the search, Lieutenant Moore collapsed to the floor. A medical code was immediately called by Officer Frederick Woods. Medical staff responded immediately to administer first response care. The New Haven Fire Department and ambulance arrived within minutes to take over life-saving measures as Lieutenant Moore stopped breathing and no pulse was able to be detected. Lieutenant Moore was pronounced dead at 11:50 p.m. on August 19, 1996. She had suffered an aneurysm. Lieutenant Moore had served with the Connecticut Department of Corrections for 10 years. She was survived by her parents, who have since passed away.

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