By State

“Fallen But Not Forgotten”


Archie M. Sox

Rank: Guard
Department: South Carolina Department of Corrections
Institution: DeSaussure State Prison Farm , SC
EOW: 04/22/1920

Guard Archie Sox was killed after being attacked by two inmates during an escape attempt from the DeSaussure State Prison Farm in Hagood, South Carolina. He was supervising a work crew of 14 inmates as they repaired a road near the farm. He had his back turned to several of the inmates when one of them struck him on the back of the head with a shovel. After being struck he drew his pistol, but another inmate struck his arm, causing him to drop it. He was then struck on the head again, causing him to suffer a fractured skull. The subject who attacked Guard Sox was recaptured and subsequently sentenced to death for his murder. He was executed in the electric chair on March 4, 1921.

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