Catastrophic Assistance Program

 Guidelines and Procedures

The Correctional Peace Officers (CPO) Foundation defines catastrophic when an Officer and/or staff member at a Correctional Facility, because of a catastrophic illness, injury, or event, are suffering severe financial hardship.  Our resources within the Catastrophic Assistance Program are not infinite.  They are limited and the Catastrophic Coordinator’s along with our contacts at the individual facilities must verify and explore the extent of the financial need.

Our Catastrophic Assistance Program is not intended to supplement an entire paycheck and is primarily for Correctional staff, their spouse or dependent children.

In the case of illness or injury, if extensive travel is involved in obtaining treatment and/or therapy for the Applicant, their spouse or dependent children, financial assistance may be provided to help with medical travel expenses incurred.

In bereavement situations, financial assistance is limited to the Applicant, their spouse or dependent children if there is a dire need and no insurance or other finances are available.

The CPO Foundation Board of Directors will strongly consider assisting Correctional staff in situations related to natural disasters:  fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, etc.

The Catastrophic Coordinator is required to request documentation to support the request for financial assistance which may include a medical diagnosis/prognosis, fire reports, etc.  They may also request a completed financial worksheet to support minimum monthly living expenses and monthly income (which may include pay warrants and other sources of income).  Other documentation or information may be required based on case-by-case situations.

On each assistance application we receive (whether directly from the applicant or a co-worker) we will immediately touch base with their facility.  There are a number of reasons for this…one, we work with the facility and Department of Corrections in assisting Correctional staff; two, we want the facility to know what we are doing and why; three, we need to verify the facts.  We are not questioning the integrity of the applicant or their co-worker; however, we need to know without a doubt the financial need does exist and all steps have been taken to lessen or alleviate the situation.  Remember, it is not our money…it comes from monthly donations made by our Supporting Members.

Finally, once we have received all required supporting documentation the Catastrophic Coordinator submits a recommendation to the CPO Foundation Board of Directors based on the documentation and/or information compiled.  The Board then reviews each case individually, (this action can take 8-10 days subsequent to receiving all required documentation) a final decision is made and the applicant is notified by phone, email or written correspondence.

If you or a co-worker are in need of assistance please completely fill out the appropriate form and return to our office via mail, fax or e-mail.

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If you have questions for one of our Catastrophic Coordinators please visit our MEMBERSHIP MAP and click on your state to find their email address.